Green big muff схема

green big muff схема
Shaka Braddah III — OK! A new version of the Shaka Braddah (based on a circuit by Jack Orman) that sounds very good. Some of the first editions had the ridges polished off like the Civil War Muffs, though this was rare. This boosted the gain into the clipping stages, giving a bit more drive and crunch. You could also make the 1K resistor off of Q2’s collector a 47K, then make the 100K trim a 47K and tap the output off of the junction between the two. Speaker Simulators (misc) Tube Distortions/Preamps Theremins Misc Cool Article Links!

And most importantly, it’ll handle the full range of a 6-string bass admirably without losing anything. If you’re not sure which fuzz pedal to go for, buy this one. Apparently, EHX decided to do something about this and designed a Muff packed with all kinds of features. About the files: Most are .gif or .jpg and can be viewed right away.

The 39K it is indeed a low input impedance, and the guitar signal might suffer tone sucking (loss of high frequencies), although tone and volume loss is compensated by the rest of the circuit design. Alfonso Hermida, GFR, Gus Smalley, Jack Orman, R.G. and others. Note the lack of an AC power adaptor jack.

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