Kgb ex 6 схема

kgb ex 6 схема
The economic crisis was the worst in Albanian history.[citation needed] The first protest was on 16 January in the South. On 19 January in Tirana demonstrators protested the Sudja creditors. On 24 January the de facto rebellion began. The government was toppled and more than 2,000 people were killed.[7][8] By January 1997 Albanian citizens, who had lost a total of $1.2 billion—the population being only three million—took their protest to the streets. This avoided the premature failure of these schemes.» 24 January: Lushnja City Hall and a cinema were burned by demonstrators angry about the arrest of Xhaferri. 25 January:[34] Demonstrators came from villages surrounding Lushnja to burn and destroy any state institution in Lushnje. City of Lushnje was burned by the crowd led by local SP leaders. While his motivations were not explicit, they eventually became obvious to those working in the lab.“It was clear that he was going to try to get into the bottles,” the employee said.At all major international athletic competitions, athletes are required to submit a urine sample for testing.

The opposition criticized Democrats for delaying the start of the process. «Forum for Democracy» proposes the creation of a technical government to resolve the crisis. 5 February: The bankrupt firm Gjallica was taken over by the former State Security. The Public Salvation Committee of Vlore was formed. It began to act as a parallel government by conducting a «de facto» coup. У этого термина существуют и другие значения, см.

Snap elections[edit] Main articles: Massacre of Ura Vajgurore; Albanian monarchy referendum, 1997; and Albanian parliamentary election, 1997 In the run-up to the 29 June snap election for Parliament, more than 60 people were killed. Rebels took Pashaliman base, a state symbol of resistance. A massive explosion destroyed an arms storage facility. With Gjirokastra in the hands of rebels, the entire south of the country was out of control.

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